“Ask AiME is proud to partner and collaborate with industry experts and leaders to continue to develop value for our customers. This include system integrators, analysts, associations and certification bodies to ensure that we are delivering high quality, informative insights to assist and educate our clients in producing accurate, compliant estimates”.

Restoration Industry Association


The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest non-profit, professional trade association dedicated to providing leadership and promoting best practices through advocacy, standards & professional qualifications for the restoration industry.

AiME is proud to partner with the RIA and offer their members our powerful training and QA tool to improve their estimates, increase compliance and improve approval times.

Enlightened Restoration Solutions


Enlightened Restoration Solutions, based on over 20 years in the restoration industry, provides certified training courses, tools and webinars to improve estimating accuracy, quality and compliance. Enlightened Restoration Solutions has certifications in all aspects of the industry, and are members of many leading organizations including the RIA, IICRC, National Association of Homebuilders and many more.

AiME is happy to have Enlightened Restoration Solutions on board as a trusted partner and expert.

Actionable Insights


Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem by advancing legislation and clarifying globally recognized billing standards. As a natural expression of this mission, we established estimating guidelines that help users generate accurate estimates that are approved without hesitation.

AiME features Actionable Insights’ resources as education tools within our estimate reviews, so that estimators can continue to develop their knowledge and improve their accuracy and quality of their estimates.

Phoenix Solutions – Job Management Software Integration


AiME is proud to partner with Phoenix Solutions as part of the PHX Job Management platform, providing estimators with an integrated estimate review tool into their software. The Phoenix PHX platform is designed to assist restoration contractors from dispatch to completion and provide contractors with a class-leading tool that takes care of managing the job so contractors can focus on their business.

AiME provides Phoenix users with a comprehensive estimate review tool to ensure that their estimates are accurate and compliant, thus improving the speed to which estimates are approved.